What Previous Customers Have to Say:

 Our experience with Shenandoah Staffies was wonderful. My husband & I heard about the Staffordshire breed from a friend and after a little bit of research we knew it was the breed for us. After a thorough internet search, I discovered that many of staffy breeder's websites seemed to be more commercialized which seemed less trustworthy to me. I finally came across the Shenandoah website which looked like an honest, trustworthy breeder.

Since this was our first pet/dog, I had a lot of questions for Jevon about the breed in general and about the purchase of the puppy. All of my questions were answered promptly & he provided me with all the information I was looking for. The pick-up process went very smoothly. We drove the 3+ hours south from PA to pick her up and although their residence is off the beaten path, we were very pleased when we approached their property and home. They have a very nice, clean home situated on a large, beautiful property.

Our sweet baby staffy, Lyla, is now 8 months and she is our absolute pride and joy! She is a smart, fun, energetic, beautiful dog and we could not be happier with her and our overall experience with Shenandoah Staffies! I would HIGHLY recommend Shenandoah Staffies and the Staffordshire bull terrier breed to anyone looking for a wonderful companion of a dog. 

-Elizabeth and James Close, Harrisburg PA

 First off, I want to say I was so pleased with the communication between the Beachy's and I before even purchasing a puppy from them. They answered all my questions right away through the process of buying Milo. I really appreciate that! Picking Milo up for the first time was so relieving. I appreciated the questions they asked me so they knew the puppy was going to a good home. It was very thoughtful of the Beachy's to send home a bag of puppy food and a collar with the puppy. I really liked that special touch. 

Milo is now 9 months. Of course he still has puppy energy (as any healthy puppy should), but he is well trained to commands. I did not take him to any classes, I decided to train him on my own. He was fully trained with the knowledge of basic commands (sit, stay, shake, come) at the age of 4 months. Milo was fully potty trained by 3.5 months. That had a lot to do with the Beachy's starting the potty training process right after birth. I was so impressed when I put Milo on a patch of snow when we got home for the first time, and he went potty with no hesitation at all. 
Milo is one of the friendliest dogs at the dog park every time we go, and has never shown any aggression towards ANY dog or human. He loves having play dates with his German Shepard buddy, Great Dane girlfriend, and Pitbull/Doberman mix buddy. He loves his friends very much and gives them many kisses! The Beachy's have done a spectacular job raising well-tempered staffies. Milo will just sit there with any baby or young child and let them poke his face, grab his tail, poke his nose. He will not do a thing to them, I actually think he loves the attention. I love his temperament and personality. Walking with Milo was such an easy task with only just a week of training (by me). I can hold his leash with a pinky, and he will consistently walk right beside me throughout the whole walk. I can't wait to see how he will look like full grown. He already looks gorgeously built with his muscles and beautiful coat. 
The Beachy's have done an excellent job with the breeding's and the puppies look adorable! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They have done a spectacular job breeding smart, friendly, well-tempered, and loyal dogs.
 I want them all! But I am so happy with Milo, I love him and he is such a blessing to our family. 
Chamo Akmeemana
South Riding, VA

 As a first time dog owner I was nervous about finding the perfect breed and breeder. I spent a few years searching different English Staffy breeders within the state of Virginia. Although there are other good breeders around, I finally came across Shenandoah Staffies on a general web search. The first picture to show up on their site was our Buddy, and just from the picture I knew he was the puppy for us. Before reaching out to Shenandoah Staffies, I looked around the site and could tell by the photos that the puppies were well treated, had plenty of room to play and stretch and not to mention every puppy appeared to hold the perfect Staffy look and attributes (which was very important to me). From the first email to the last, Jevon of Shenandoah Staffies, was friendly, informative and immensely accommodating. He encouraged and allowed us to visit Buddy before we made a decision. On our visit we were able to meet Jevon and his lovely wife Abigail and, of course, Buddy. I could tell right away upon meeting all of them that Buddy, and any puppy for that matter, came from a happy home and a healthy environment. It was even more apparent in Buddy's happy demeanor and pleasant personality. It's all I needed to see to solidify my decision in choosing Buddy and Shenandoah Staffies. Buddy is now 8 months old, in top health, playful and obedient. He is the perfect addition to our family and I'm so incredibly happy to have found him through Shenandoah Staffies. I seriously couldn't have asked for a smoother experience. I will forever recommend Shenandoah Staffies to other English Staffy enthusiasts or anyone else looking for the perfect dog to add to their family. 

-Elaine Gozar

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